PowerShell script to upload a file to a remote FTP server

I needed a simple script to upload a file remotely to an FTP server, and found a script on StackOverflow.

However, the script could use some improvements such as SSL. Here it is. Good luck with it

$ftp = [System.Net.WebRequest]::Create("ftp://ftp.yourserverblahblah.com/public/" + $args[0])
$ftp = [System.Net.FtpWebRequest]$ftp #cast
$ftp.Method = [System.Net.WebRequestMethods+Ftp]::UploadFile #"STOR"
$ftp.Credentials = new-object System.Net.NetworkCredential("someuser","incrediblepassword****")
$ftp.UseBinary = $true
$ftp.UsePassive = $true
$ftp.EnableSsl = $true

$fullPathIncFileName = $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition

$currentExecutingPath = [System.IO.Path]::GetDirectoryName($fullPathIncFileName)
$file = [System.IO.Path]::Combine($currentExecutingPath, $args[0])
Write-Host "Going To Copy " + $file
# read in the file as a stream.
$content = [System.IO.File]::OpenRead($file)

# get the request stream, and copy the bytes into it
$rs = $ftp.GetRequestStream()

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