Compatibility and interoperability

Your sesssion ID = AD856C7CD54052600CF78D8CFC6D14A9

Session("a0") =
Session("a2") =
Session("CountRefresh") = 1

An ajax panel which uses the ASP Session replacement

Ajax panel. If you see this, something obviously did not work

We invite you to login at our website to see the secret section by clicking login.
Since we use an Ajax panel, iframes are supported as well. Even if they are from a different domain, as long as they run ISP Session on the same database server.
    Session Count Variables = 7

a0 Type= String Value=Smith
a2 Type= DateTime Value=10/18/2019 3:52:43 PM
a3 Type= Object[,] Value=System.Object[,]
aaa Value=
CountRefresh Type= Int32 Value=1
driedim Type= Object[,,] Value=System.Object[,,]
mydecimal Type= Decimal Value=-1234.567